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How to Stay Clear of Holiday Motoring Traps

Holiday motoring traps can put a real damper on your vacation plans. While most people plan for the physical hassle of driving while they are on holiday, they generally expect to have fun during their entire vacation. They are completely unprepared for the stressful situations that can arise when they unknowingly violate local motoring laws. Here are ways to spot and avoid these problems before they can have an impact on you.

Investigate Speed Limits Beforehand

Any type of holiday motoring traps can be a serous impediment to your plans for relaxation. The fact that they are truly unexpected makes them have an even more powerful impact on you because you feel blindsided when you are caught in them. Speed traps are the most common issue faced by drivers. Residents of the UK who are visiting other countries may sometimes be completely unaware of the speed limits that exist.

Police don’t care about your possible ignorance of the law and if you are caught speeding, you will pay the consequences. Sometimes the fines that driers are charged are payable instantly. This can cut deeply into the cash you had reserved for your vacation. Always check out the speed limits before you visit a new location. That way, you can plan your routes to cover the greatest distance in less time. You also keep more money in your pocket.

Pay Fines Promptly

When you are fined outside the UK for speeding, you may be tempted to ignore it and drive off into the sunset. You should think twice about doing that if you ever plan to visit that country again. Most countries in Europe keep up to date records of any driving fines that have been issued.

This means that once you attempt to cross the border, information on you and the penalties imposed for going over the speed limit will come up. That can really put a brake on things when you thought you were home free. Pay up as soon as you are required o do so. Take care of fines promptly and avoid getting a debt collector on your case.

Read the Fine Print on Your Insurance

UK drivers who are touring other parts of Europe occasionally do get caught by police and are issued tickets. They sometimes return home thinking that they have completely escaped any type of punishment. However, if you are in that situation, your pocket may be unexpectedly hit where it hurts the most.

Insurance providers do have a reputation for raising the rates on a policy due to speeding fines. If this is true of your insurer, you may be in a spot of trouble. Always find out beforehand what a fine for speeding can do to your rates. In fact, if you tend to travel overseas frequently and know that you have a bad habit of enjoying the sights at top speed, choose an insurer that does not penalize you for fines. With luck, your insurance company’s computer system won’t be able to process information on a foreign fine anyway so you won’t be negatively impacted.


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