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Tips on Preparing for a Road Trip

It’s truly said- ‘The journey matters more than the destination’. Whether you are driving across the country with your kids, or taking a weekend to enjoy the open road, a road trip offers a great way to explore the journey and have fun time. Driving on roads, with music and beautiful views can be quite exciting. The car becomes your mobile family home and therefore you need to make it comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some of the few tips to enjoy your road trip and have a smooth journey.

Tips on Preparing for a Road Trip

Have the car fully checked out-
Do your tires need replacing? Has your check engine’ light being glaring at you for weeks? Between packing clothes, booking the hotel and mapping the route, sometime we forgot to think about the car. This is the most important part of your motoring road trip. For smooth and safe sailing, the first thing you need to do is to tune up your car. Get your tires, battery, belts, fluids, engine oil, windscreen washer, transmission fluid and air conditioner checked by a qualified car mechanic. Check whether tail lights, headlights and brake lights are in proper working condition. Make sure you carry a spare tire and tire changing kit. Clean your car before and during the road trip.

Plan an itinerary-The key to a successful road trip is good planning and preparation.The better prepared you are, the safer and more enjoyable your trip would be. Prepare a list of all the important information that can be required during traveling. Select a route ahead of time, and study it to know where exactly you are going, and where you will make stops. Download GPS and travel apps to assist you in your road trip. However, make sure you write down all the required phone numbers and important information. Do not rely on internet connection access for important contacts and information.

Gear up for safety-Whether you are travelling alone or with family, it is carry all the road trip essentials. The ‘road trip checklist’ must include first aid kit, flashlight, sun block cream, fully charged phone, jumper cables, flares, tools to change a tire and water. It is wise to subscribe to a roadside assistance plan, in case if there is any emergency.
Also carry camping stuff in case of mismatch of schedule or lack of proper accommodation facilities.

Make arrangements for foods-Make sure you stock up enough groceries and ready-to-eat packages. Carry cold sandwiches, fruits and a supply of healthy snacks for your kids. Stock up on large water bottles, instead of always stopping for expensive soft drinks.
Re-check your insurance cover-
Check your insurance situation and find out what you are already covered for. If possible, get a travel insurance for the time you are away.

Many people’s fondest vacation memories invariably include an epic road trip. With some advance planning and a bit of flexibility, it is possible to make your next road trip interesting and affordable at the same time. The above mentioned information will help to make your trip more enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

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