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Top 10 Classic Cars That You Should Buy

Classic car owners are always complaining about their cars refusing to start and when the car does start it breaks down again a few miles down the road. However, despite all this almost every car enthusiast owns a classic car.

What makes classic cars for sale a must have is not only their beauty and elegance but the fact that they are very interesting to drive. Classing cars are also very challenging which is a positive thing as it sharpens your skills as a driver. To top all this up, there is a real possibility of making a fortune out of it when you resell it a few years down the line.

If you are thinking of buying a classic car here are the top 10 cars that you should consider.


This is the best and perhaps also the easiest cars to own for any person in the UK as most parts are readily available. The few people that do not like it cite the way it drives but with a good suspension kit you can solve this problem. If you want to own one you should be prepared to part with between £6,000 and £8,000.


If you’re the type that judges a car by its appearance or speed, this car will probably not impress you as it is not pretty, and neither is it fast. However, the car is very lovable, and thanks to the Charles Ware Morris Minor Center parts will not be a problem. Its price ranges between £5,000 and £ 7,500.


The stunning look of this car is what will draw your attention to it. The fabulous look is not by chance since Michelotti designed it. The earlier versions are the prettiest but if you are looking for something sturdier for regular use you should go for the 1970’s edition. You can own one for as little as £4,000.

  1. BMW 2002 TII

If you are looking for a powerful classic car, then this is one of the cars that you should consider. However, it will probably annoy you on rainy days as it slides easily on wet surfaces. It’s also quite a fast car, but you should be prepared to part with upwards of £7,500 to own one.


Besides from its stylish appearance the car has plenty of space inside. There are also different trims to choose from starting from the basic L. However, you should watch out for rust when buying one. The cheapest you can buy one that is in good condition is £4,000.


The most outstanding thing about this car is the low fuel consumption. It is also an excellent drive and fairly easy to own one. With anything upwards of £5,000 you can be a proud owner of one.


This car might be minuscule, but it is still very fun to drive. Although they are very cheap cars, one day they will be worth a fortune. With as little as £1,000 you can own a Mini.


This car was first manufactured in 1976, and it is a 1600cc with a four-speed gearbox. If you can get one that is in good shape, it will be worth every coin of the £5,000 or more that you will invest in it.


This small car comes with a fabulous interior and a well designed dashboard. It is also reasonably fast and easy to maintain. Although there are several models available, you should try the 16-valve engine Sprint model. The price ranges between £1,500 and £5,000.

  1. The Land Rover Series 1 and 2

These old Land Rovers are probably not the fastest classic cars but if you go off road with one nothing can stop you. They are also very easy to maintain if you have basic mechanical skills but if you do not there are numerous specialists ready to help you out. If you want a Series I, you should be prepared to part with close to £10,000.


Just remember that classic car will require replacement parts. If you need any for your vehicle go to Part Finder Ireland.

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